Graphite Shaft Extender

- High Tensile Strength
- 2" Insertion - 5" Overall
- Trusted Brand

Our Price  -  $3.50






Graphite Shaft Extender by Golf Mechanix


These extenders for standard graphite shafts will lengthen virtually any golf club. Simply apply epoxy, slide the extender into the shaft butt, allow the epoxy to cure, and cut to length. Great for salvaging shafts trimmed by mistake!


Manufactured from an injection molded fiber, reinforced super plastic, specially formulated and blended by a leading U.S manufacturer of composite material for the automotive and aeronautic industry.


This special blend of super plastics with a 30% long strand graphite fiber content is six times stronger than steel and 7 times lighter.


Materials Property:
Impact Strength 13.0 ft.-lbs./Inch
Tensile Strength 26000 PSI Tensile Modulus
2.20 PSI X10 ^ 6 
Flexural Strength 38000 PSI
Flexural Modulus1.60 PSI X10^6


Note: Extending a club more than 2 inches may compromise shaft integrityand increase the risk of breakage.




Materials   Super Plastic
Weight   12 Grams
Length   2" Insertion - 5" Overall

OUR PRICE - $3.50


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